Rest is Vital to Effective Work

Regardless of your life roles, it is easy to get overwhelmed, overworked, and exhausted. We think thoughts like: “I have to finish this right now.” “I can’t let them down.” “People depend on me.” “I can’t fail.” “No one else can do this except me.” “So-and-so needs me.” We probably wouldn’t say it out loud, … Read more

Leaders Know the World of Work is Changing (Part 2)

There is no shortage of information about how work is changing. Many sources support these two points: Employees have several options about where to work, and a lot aren’t happy where they are working now. Employers know these facts, and they’re worried. “Insight #2” on Principal’s 2021 Quarter 3 Retirement Security Survey provides the following … Read more

A Big Question and Frequent Mistake for Frustrated Leaders

I’ve always loved the coaching flowchart from “Coaching for Improved Work Performance.” When someone you lead has a performance issue, this flowchart will help you pinpoint the problem. But if you want a question to get closer to the truth more quickly, here’s a deceptively simple one: Is this a willingness gap or a knowledge … Read more

Great Leaders Know: The Secret to Engagement is Productivity

There’s a funny episode from The Office in which Michael thinks that if he makes his office more like Google, then people will be happy and work harder. He goes all out, installs a Nerf hoop, gets a beanbag chair, and creates an open office floor plan. While this was a funny TV show, I’m … Read more