The Importance of Being Known

Chris McQueen, former Google employee, delivered a keynote address on some of the best practices his unit has learned, and I’ll share two of them with you. This week, I’ll offer some thoughts on generating solid team relationships. Next week, we’ll touch on the magic of three particular words. As most of you know, I’m … Read more

Core Value: We are Committed to Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement. Each of our values needs to make us somehow distinctive, and it needs to include behaviors that we use internally, as well as with clients and partners. This value is so important to us, but it’s easy to neglect. Sometimes we get busy, and when my calendar is full, … Read more

Leaders meet with their people, one-on-one.

Some think a weekly one-on-one is just for the corporate environment, between full-time, salaried workers and their supervisors. There’s a lot out there on that – including this great guide from Manager Tools. One-on-ones truly work in a variety of environments, though. I’ve had a client in a medical clinic who added monthly one-on-ones with … Read more