Leaders and The Ideal Team Player

Patrick Lencioni has done it again. His latest book, The Ideal Team Player, is brief and brilliant. In this fable, followed by a model outline, Lencioni shares a hiring secret of his own company, The Table Group, and shows us that we can apply this to any team. They look for three virtues that they’ve … Read more

Leaders Have a Place for Bad Influences

Here is a thought for those who serve youth, young adults, and people new to your organization: Resist the temptation to shield them from “bad influences.” We often work hard to be great role models, and expose those we serve to other great role models and mentors, so that they are only subject to “good … Read more

Leaders Do Everything They Can Do…

When someone dies in an emergency operating room, it is the moral obligation of the doctor to report this to the family: “We did everything we could possibly do.” Before leaders remove team members for non-performance, they have the same obligation. Ask yourself: “Did I do everything I could possibly do?” It’s easy, especially when … Read more

Leaders meet with their people, one-on-one.

Some think a weekly one-on-one is just for the corporate environment, between full-time, salaried workers and their supervisors. There’s a lot out there on that – including this great guide from Manager Tools. One-on-ones truly work in a variety of environments, though. I’ve had a client in a medical clinic who added monthly one-on-ones with … Read more