Effective Leaders Pause to Listen

The essence of servant leadership is to meet the needs of your organization and your people. But arrogance creeps in when you assume you’ve got it figured out. Because you’re the leader. You ought to know. Peter Block calls this type of arrogance a paternalistic view of leadership. Block describes this dynamic as “taking care … Read more

The Art of Listening

It’s not new information to remind people of the importance of listening. We have reiterated the power of listening on this blog many times. So what’s with another post about listening? Listening is power. Active listening, aka curious listening, is first and foremost about connection. Whereas listening can be used for evil, the intention of … Read more

The Missing Piece

Earlier this year we conducted back-to-back DiSC sessions over five days for a single organization. While it was exhausting thanks to Zoom fatigue, it was also rewarding to see the proverbial light bulbs turning on above everyone’s head. In a breakout room, one participant even commented, “This is the missing piece I’ve been searching for!” I have never … Read more

Leaders Know People Need to Feel Heard

Ricardo was the president of the Band Parents for a time while I was a band director. He ran pretty good meetings. His corporate background and command of deliverables worked very well, especially when another officer, Don, ran off at the mouth. Most of Don’s ramblings were trivial, and sometimes they were negative. But Ricardo … Read more