Leaders Find Ways to Avoid Procrastination

In Atomic Habits, James Clear shares one method for working on a new, intimidating habit: the two-minute rule. Instead of picking an overly long or complex habit, choose one aspect of the habit which takes two minutes. Instead of “Do a 30-minute workout,” try “Put on workout clothes.” Instead of “Write the weekly report,” try … Read more

Leaders Know Habits Are the Path to Meeting Goals

I’ve been reading Atomic Habits by James Clear, and I love it. Clear emphasizes our accidental efforts to sabotage our goals by focusing too much on them. We keep trying to make goals better. For example, if our goal is to make more sales, our first inclination is to create a SMART goal. Simply making … Read more

DiSC Team Follow-Up Reading and Discussion

Last week, we reviewed six questions to effectively follow-up a DiSC training session with your team. Here is another approach to following up on DiSC with your team. During our DiSC session, everyone picked just one or two pages to look at in the ranges of 8-11, and 12-15 in their workplace profiles. Pages 8-11 … Read more