Practice Leadership While in Traffic

When presenting the Four Levels of Maturity as a way to adopt an others-focused mindset, I often joke that traffic is a great place to observe these levels in self and others. Maybe, though, it’s time to take it from a joke to a tool. For example… Level One is the person recklessly weaving in … Read more

A Laundry List of “Level Two” Clues

In previous posts about the Four Levels of Maturity, we’ve explored the notion that Level 2 (Independent) is the most dangerous. At Level 2, people are generally: correct justified able to blame problems on others technically in compliance with standards and rules This is a dangerous place for a team member to be, because they’re … Read more

Leaders Ask These Four Simple Questions

Recently, when covering the Four Levels of Maturity, we were on a quest to find an essential question that a person would ask at each level. Recall, the first two levels are somtimes referred to as acting “‘below the line”, whereas levels three and four are sometimes referred to as acting “above the line”, which … Read more