Leaders Take Courageous Action to Address Bias (Unconscious Bias Series Part 3)

There are three steps to understanding and addressing Unconscious Bias: Identify Bias Cultivate Connection Choose Courage Two weeks ago, we started an exercise on the first step, identifying bias. Last week, we focused on cultivating additional connection. Today we will dive into the final step. Step Three: Choose Courage Stick with me, because the language … Read more

Leaders Model Empathy and Curiosity (Unconscious Bias Series Part 2)

Last week we explored areas in which we’ve experienced or witnessed bias. For a refresher, click here. I asked you to do some homework over the course of the week, considering moments where bias impacted your confidence, decision-making, opportunity, health, relationships, or willingness to take risks. It is important to reiterate here that everyone has … Read more

Practice Leadership While in Traffic

When presenting the Four Levels of Maturity as a way to adopt an others-focused mindset, I often joke that traffic is a great place to observe these levels in self and others. Maybe, though, it’s time to take it from a joke to a tool. For example… Level One is the person recklessly weaving in … Read more

Leaders Spread Empathy in All Directions

In leadership development sessions, we spend a lot of time getting curious about what it’s like to be the people who report to us. By definition of how people usually end up in leadership roles, the leader tends to be more capable, better paid, and more secure in their interactions. This dynamic sometimes makes it … Read more

Leaders Aren’t Immune to Defensiveness

Recently I worked with an executive team on how to be more productive and candid during disagreements. We had a deep conversation about productive and healthy conflict. Then, using that discussion, we examined the data measuring their teamwork behaviors. Nearly everyone admitted these truths: I can get defensive sometimes. When someone else in the room … Read more

Leaders are Aware of Heightened Stress During Times of Change

Based on the book by Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, there are five dysfunctions in a team that create tension, conflict, and stress. These dysfunctions are heightened in times of change. Each dysfunction builds on the one below, and they are all built upon the foundation of trust. Dysfunction 1 – Absence … Read more