Leaders Anticipate and Defuse Excuses

Aren’t excuses so predictable? You almost hold back from asking “Hey, Bill, have you got your TPS report ready?” because you know you’ll hear “I would, but I’m still waiting for Hillary to get the cover page ready.” If you know you’re going to hear an excuse about someone else not delivering, why not head it off at the … Read more

Leaders Align Work with Values

Last week, we talked about rubrics in general as a tool to develop vision. This week, let’s take that further to talk about a way to make your passion more obvious to your team. Examine all your own projects, initiatives, to-do items, daily tasks, and responsibilities. Compare each of them to your organizational values. Consider … Read more

Leaders Deliver to Those They Lead

Remember that two-word definition of leadership – “Meet Needs” ? You can really put that into action by staying conscious of things that you can deliver to the people who report to you. Your team is so used to deliverables they’re accountable for, that it’s a nice change of pace when you ask them specifically, … Read more