Most Read – Top Five + One

According to Google Analytics, these are my top five most popular posts in terms of readership.  In order.

I’m still going to be out of town most of the next three weeks, then my “busy season” will come to an end, and I promise a return to weekly original content.  I have some fun posts planned, including one about insecurity in leadership.  Until then, more “greatest hits.” I hope your summer is winding down well.  Autumn is also great. (Oh, and for all both of my readers in the southern hemisphere — fire up for summer!)

Attitude is not everything. Listen to Batman and focus on behavior…

Leadership behaviors in “non-leaders” leads to organizational success.

Leaders Model the Behavior they Expect

Leadership Problem: Grace vs. Enabling

Two Stories

The plus one — the most-read thing I’ve ever posted.  More than all the five above put together, in fact.  It’s that letter to the editor that never got published.  If you haven’t read it yourself yet, please do.  And please share it with anyone who cares about education.  This is important stuff.  Thanks.

My letter to the editor about Sunday’s article on the Education Summit…

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